‘Lewandowski’ explains clip of ignoring handshake with ‘Yamal’

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Robert Lewandowski, Barcelona’s veteran striker, clarified that the incident of ignoring the hand of junior winger Lamine Yamal was just an accident. Ready to confirm that the two have a good relationship. There is no feud with each other.

Lewandowski just ended the Gunners’ record of losing 6 matches in a row by scoring two goals alone to help Barcelona win 2-1 against Alaves in La Liga last Sunday.

A clip appeared of an incident on the field in which Lewandowski was angry that Yamal did not pass the ball to him. And then the next moment When a 16-year-old footballer went to ask for a handshake Instead, I ignored you. ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

Even after the game, Lewandowski still went to hug and talk to Yamal nicely, but the Polish star Still criticized by some media for the timing of the problem.

Gerard López, a former Barcelona player in the 2000s, criticized on the TV channel Movistar that he could not accept Lewandowski’s actions, while Joan Maria. Y Paou, Catalan football guru Said it was ugly behavior.

The 35-year-old striker returned to his hometown to serve with the national team. And he was asked by the media for clarification:

“Ignoring Yamal? I have nothing more to comment on. Because it was a completely accidental moment. And there were times when I shouted during matches. That’s normal,” Lewan began to say.

“Me and Yamal have no feud at all. We have a good relationship. So it’s not a question worth answering for me.”