Juventus contact the Red Devils to ask for information, hoping to borrow ‘Sancho’

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Juventus, the Serie A giant, is rumored to have contacted Manchester United to inquire about Jadon Sancho, Sancho’s future at Old Trafford. has been hanging in the balance since issuing a statement in response to Eric ten Hag, who said the player was not training well enough. Until being nameless in the game lost to Arsenal last September.

Recently, according to a report by Fabrizio Romano, Juventus has inquired about this player. and expressed interest in signing the former Borussia Dortmund forward in January, with

Juventus only interested in a loan deal. Ready to pay some of the players’ wages, but Manchester United are waiting for an offer to sell outright. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

For Sancho, there is a very high chance of him moving to a team in the winter market. After being removed from the team’s WhatsApp group. He had previously been ordered to practice alone in the youth training center. And had to change the dressing room as well since the problem with Ten Hag.

It is believed that Ten Hag tried to call on the English star to apologize to him via online media. However, it looks like he still hasn’t complied. and may have to change agencies in the new year