Basic dummy that you need to know

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Basic dummy that you need to know.

In addition to cards, in playing dummy. The number of players will also affect the deal. The more people, the less the number of cards. For example. If there are 2 people. They will receive 11 cards each. If 3 people play. They will get 9 cards each. But if 4 people play. They will get 7 cards. Most of them are popular with 4. People because the number of cards in the hand will not too much In addition. The time spent playing each round is good. Let’s go to UFABET.

Vocabulary to know before fighting dummy

At this point, I think no one would interest. What the dummy has come from. Because the important part to keep in mind is the terms or words. That they use in the playing cards. Anyone who doesn’t know or talks randomly knows that they are newbies. To become a chicken for him to shred. Which the keywords are as follows.

  1. Occurrence is when a player collects a card from the pot. Go and arrange a suit with the cards in your hand. And turn over that suit on the table. It is assume that the player was born.
  2. A deposit is when a player joins or deposits at least one card into the resulting suit. which the resulting set of cards can be our own or someone else’s Because losing this card does not affect the counting of points. Just leave it alone. When the game ends, you can bring it back to count the points as usual.
  3. Knocking occurs only. When someone in the circle collects cards from the central team. Arranges them in a set of three. Or can complete until. There is only one card left in the hand. Turn the last card face down will become the winner Or it’s a knockout. As for the rest of the people, they can prepare to lose money.
  4. Fall off the building / Close the building. Used to call players. Who still can’t arrange a single set of cards. can only discard cards until being knock out by someone else. He will call this symptom falling off the building
  5. The head card is the first card that is open as a central. This card is worth 50. Except for the head card in the spate.
  6. Stupid hits Anyone who hits a card down and gets knock out by someone else will call “stupid”.