ways to bet on Sic Bo online that newbies need to know

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ways to bet on Sic Bo online that newbies need to know

ways to bet on Sic Bo online. That newbies must know Talking about Sic Bo. Anyone who has never play or knows the name. With just dice shaking cup. It even Sic Bo not difficult to play. It is not easy play gambling games. 

You may able to stab each other randomly. Today I’m going to introduce you to the popular dice. Shake game at UFABET. online casino Every place must have one

Bet low – high

If it is a gambling house or online casino Some will call this method of betting that. “Small bet – Big bet” is a bet using the total points of all 3 dice as a decision. If the total points are between 4-10 points. It is consider “low”. If the total points are 11-17 points, it is consider “high”. The pay rate will be at bet 1 pays 1, excluding capital

Even-odd bet

That has a winning rate of 50: 50. Where we will predict whether the total points. That come out are even or odd numbers. If you guess correctly, you will receive a prize money. The pay rate is at bet 1 pay 1, excluding capital as well

Single bet

For this method of betting is consider quite easy. Just guess the numbers 1 – 6 only. If the dice roll out and there 1 in 3 balls. That produce the same result as we bet. It is consider a win in that eye. The payout rate bet 1 pays 1 exclud capital.

Tong bets without specific numbers

The winning condition for betting. This style is asking all 3 dice. To come out on the same face. Can any number The payout rate is bet 1 pays 24 excluding capital.