Sergeant Harry denies Man Utd. There are only mediocre players in this set.

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Sergeant Harry denies Man Utd. There are only mediocre players in this set.

Harry Redknapp famous former manager. Who turn into a commentator to comment on Manchester United Football Club of the English Premier League Football. That this team of the Red Devils army has only mediocre players. Making Erik ten Hag a difficult task.

The Red Devils finish last season sixth place. On the table from a total of 12 defeats. Still having lost big name players. Like Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard and Juan Mata out of the team. As free agents this summer,

Ten Hag’s team just closed the deal. Feyenoord left-back Tyrell Malachia, valu at around £15 million, and Denmark international Christian Eriksen, on a free agent basis. And counting down the win Lisandro Martinez. The center-back under Ajax joins the army.

“They lack good players. You can try looking at the list. It’s a very normal team. Left-back Luke Shaw is a good player.

“They lack quality players in midfield. Lack of people to drive the team Without Ronaldo’s goals. I cannot predict where they will finish the season in place. Picking up new players will key at time.”

“Some managers don’t want superstar players. He might more comfortable doing his job without managing the ego of a player like Ronaldo. One of the greatest players in the world right now. Having made a name for himself with Ajax in the Dutch League. He has no experience managing a top team at all.”

“But now everything has changed from hand to hand. He will be working with the greatest players in the world. He might feel better if Ronaldo leaves. The Portuguese might not good fit for Ten Hag’s squeezing style.