Hodgson feels his time in charge of Palace was a special moment.

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Roy Hodgson, the senior manager Thank you to Crystal Palace Club and understand the situation very well. After separating last Monday.

Hodgson returned to manage Crystal Palace for the second time in March last year. Had a satisfactory performance leading the team to avoid relegation. And finish 11th in the Premier League until receiving a new contract for another season.

But this season’s results were not as expected. Until the Crystal Palace club’s board of directors wanted to see change.“This club is special and means a lot to me. It was an important moment in my football career.”ทางเข้า UFABET 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here over six seasons. As it has given me the opportunity to work with top players and staff. To do the work that I love every day.”

“however I understand the latest situation. Clubs may need to plan ahead now. Therefore I have decided to step aside. So that the club can move forward with its plans with a new manager.”

“I want to thank Steve Parish and American shareholders (John Texter, Josh Harris, David Blitzer) for their support. Including my team and coaching staff. And the entire team behind it who have helped me a lot along the way.”

“I would like to especially thank my close friend and assistant Ray Levington, coaches Dean Keighley. And Paddy McCarthy and the wonderful sports science department. Video analysis department and medical department”

“I would like to thank and respect the current team of players. I’m sure the fans Will continue to provide full support until the end of this season and beyond.” Hodgson, 76 years old is so sick that he has to be admitted to the hospital. Until the symptoms are safe, he said.