Emery admits he thought Martinez would be sent off.

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Aston Villa manager Unai Emery admits he thought goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez would be sent off during a penalty shootout in the Europa League match against Lille in the eighth round. Europa Conference League final team in France.

    Aston Villa who had previously won 2-1 in the first leg lost by this same score causing them to have to play in extra time. In the end, it stretched to a penalty shootout and won 4-3, successfully advancing to the semi-finals.

    From the start of the game, ยูฟ่าเบท Martinez was heavily boo by the home fans, which spread until the penalty shootout. This was a result of the 2022 World Cup final in which Martinez’s Argentina beat France and the famous goalkeeper’s behavior during the championship celebration caused dissatisfaction among the fans of France.

    Emery admits he thought Martinez, who had already receive a yellow card during the game, would be sent off during the shootout after saving a penalty against Lille, but taunt the referee and had to warn him again. But he didn’t get fire. This is because yellow cards receive during the match will not be count towards the penalty shootout. As a result, this 31-year-old goalkeeper can stay on.

    “He is very important for us. He’s a personality in the dressing room. Which is very important because he is a leader with experience. He has very strong ideas,” Emery told.

    “On the field he showed his personality and played great. He saved two penalties. So of course I’m very proud of him. I am proud of all the players.”

    “Yes (I thought he would be fire) but the rules are like that. Yesterday you (the media) asked me about the reception he would receive in France, which you saw throughout the game.

    “He has experience and tries to control his emotions. But the supporters put pressure on him. I believe in him. He always controlled himself.”