Arsenal confident holding the main center new contract.

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Arsenal are confident of holding the main center for a new contract.

Premier League side Arsenal are confident they can secure defender William Saliba on a new contract this summer.

The French defender’s current contract expires in 2024. While he has yet to talk about extending his contract, focusing on doing his best for the team. But believe that the way the gunners Will hurry to catch him signing a contract soon for sure

The 22-year-old has previously loaned out to Ligue 1 side Nice and Olympique Marseille for two seasons before returning to Arsenal this season.

Saliba made 27 appearances for Arsenal throughout the season and performed brilliantly. play an important role in helping the team win the Premier League title for the first time in 19 years. Before suffering a back injury and a long semester break, unable to return to help the team during the rest of the season.

William Saliba: The young defender who turned Arsenal into a Premier League title contender.

Arsenal have signed young defender William Saliba from Saint-Germain. Etienne since 2019 before letting go for the past 3 years, whether it’s returning to Saint-Etienne, going to Nice, including Olympic Marseille during the past season. 

With such a long time It started to raise questions from Arsenal fans. Will this deal work? When will this player be available to play for Arsenal? 

But entering the 2022-23 season, Arsenal brought him back. and has proven that He is key to Arsenal’s defense. Until becoming a team that is good enough to win the Premier League title now

strong body

One of the advantages of Saliba that makes it possible to see Since bought him at the age of 18, his physical strength has surpassed any player of his age. 

We can already see that this player is in great shape. Ready to turn into a team that can play a full offensive game. His physique seemed to surpass other players of the same age. After seeing it, it is likely to be a world-class defender.

from today until now We have clearly seen improvements over the last 3 years in France. He collects little experience. learn to use speed and strength to benefit his position