The ultimate roulette formula. Play and get really rich.

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The ultimate roulette formula. Play and get really rich at UFABET.

1. Roulette formula: repeating

Let us wait for the repeat, for example, even numbers have been issued 5 times, the next turn is recommended to play odd numbers 25 baht. If you lose, continue betting on odd numbers by compounding 50, 100, 200, 400 until it’s right.

If more than 5 times and still not winning Let us change the website or change the user to play. or wait to start a new game By giving out even or odd numbers consecutively again, or can use this technique Applies to the appearance of bets on the black, red and high, low of the roulette numbers.

2. Roulette formula: switch out

For this formula let us look at the historical statistics of the results of online roulette. Let us observe the results that are alternating 6 games in a row, such as high, low, high, low, high, low, 7th eye, let us stab low again. The reason for doing this is because Roulette has 6 alternating results. The probability of a 7th turn is very low.

3. Roulette Formula : Horizontal Trap

This technique recommends that you look at the past statistics along with 3-8 games. If your casino doesn’t have a history to see, let your friends take note of it, let it play 8 games and let us write down the statistics of 8 eyes. That’s it, after we get past statistics.

-Let us see where the results of the roulette are mostly out of the 3 rows.

-If most of the results come out on rows 1 and 3, we trap both rows 1 and 3.

4. Roulette formula: 2 way trap bet

Let’s look back at the statistics. High bets (19-36) and low bets (1-18) to see which ones are issued more than 3 times in a row to stab high Because the design has been added several times in a row There is very little chance of the original design. But it’s not that there is no way out of the same number.

Therefore, should bet high with any 1 row, such as bet on the 1st row and bet high, if it comes out but the number is not in the 1st row, the person is equal. But if the number is issued in the 1st row but is not high, you will gain profit from play this time will give an example for you to understand more