Do you know this story? Dragon Tiger can use the money.

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Do you know this story? Dragon Tiger can use the money walking formula too. Anyone who likes to play cards. But doesn’t like to think too much. I think they will definitely like Dragon Tiger cards because it is the most popular card on online casinos . So no matter where you go to play. You will definitely find this card game. With its speed, sensitivity, even to be pamper by impatient people. 

But it wouldn’t be fun if we had to pay too quickly. or gradual win So today I will take everyone to know the money walking formula. That will help us spin money quickly. Even if you lose money. You can get it back in the blink of an eye. What is it Is it really usable? Let’s go see the UFABET.

Does the Dragon Tiger Money Walking Formula really help?

Although the formula I’m going to talk. About here is not a way to increase your winning rate. But it can help us manage our funds more easily. Less risk of exhaustion. Which this formula has approve by gamblers around the world that it really works. That is the Martingale formula.

Martingale money walk formula

Anyone who has ever studied the money walking formula will know this formula very well. because it has been very popular in online casino Because it can be applied to all live casino gambling games. The principle of it is to use 5 sticks or bet 5 times, each time a rollover bet is placed only when losing. And as soon as we win, we always get back the lost money with 1 unit of profit. How to use the formula is as follows.

  • Wooden 1 bet 1 unit, if winning the next round, bet 1 unit as usual. But if you lose, go to the 2nd stick.
  • 2nd stick, bet 2 units, if winning is considered over. Go back to the 1st club, but if you lose, go to the 3rd stick.
  • 3rd wood bet 4 units, if wins go back to 1st club, loses 4th club.
  • Wood 4 bet 8 units if win goes back to club 1 if loses goes to club 5
  • Stick 5 bet 16 units, if win goes back to club 1, if losing is over, go back to club 1 as well.

From this formula it can be seen that every time we win We always go back to the 1st club, but when we actually go to play, when we win. We have already made a profit. This one should be discontinued or put on hold. On the other hand, if we lose we need to keep doubling the stakes. This means that we need to have a decent amount of capital to use this money-walking formula. In order to prevent our bad luck, losing 5 consecutive eyes or even. That we are about to withdraw capital. But push all the capital out first.